Fond Exchange Services

Fond Exchange Services was founded in Shatin Plaza in 2014, dedicated to providing the best possible services for the public. Our services include:

Multiple Foreign Currency Exchange Service
Remittance Service

We are open daily to provide service to the public. Our operation hour would be from 9:00am-7:00pm(Weekdays);9:30am-5:00pm(Weekends & Public Holiday)
Business hours are subject to change without further notice.
For further enquiries or foreign currency reservation matters, kindly contact (852) 3188 8149.
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Fond Exchange Store Location

Why Us?

Credible, reliable and simple is why the public love us. Sincerity and honesty are the principles we hold on tightly, treating all clients equally, aiming to provide the most effective and kind service to our clients.

High Credibility

We insist on a regulated operation since founded, draw lines with suspicious money laundry activities or non-regulated foreign exchange businesses. We would never compromise with any suspicious transaction, aiming to provide honest and sincere services to our clients. With many years of support and trust from the clients, we are especially suitable for your business for any formal transactions.


Other than utilizing the latest model of validators that trusted by the banks, we also keep our e-transaction system up-to-date for a more user-friendly experience in managing clients’ transaction process. Meanwhile, our staffs are all well-trained with professional knowledge to ensure to provide the safest and most reliable service to our clients.


We provide more than 60 types of currency exchange service with a compatible price. We are always able to help if you ever need any assistance in foreign currency exchange or remittance service.

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